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12 months ago today I was walking out of a bar legless... now I'm walking down the beach ... still legless 😂 #notaman #insidejoke? Bondi Beach
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. Today marks 12 months alcohol free! ❤️️💥🙏🏼❤️️💥🙏🏼❤️️🌎 . ( if the blurb is too long-- skip straight to the last sentence.. that's all you need ☺️) . . One thing I know for sure is that I've never had a healthy relationship with alcohol. . Starting at 10yrs old to suppress the pain I didn't even know I had inside me, and to escape a world I should have never been exposed to, alcohol started as my greatest escape and became my darkest prison. For me alcohol was an escape, an avoider and an incredible procrastinator. Alcohol allowed me to sit comfortably in complacency, so I didn't have to bare the responsibility of my life. . Growing up with very little self worth and always feeling 'too much' and 'not enough' simultaneously I felt like the only time I could escape that pressure, was a night or two drowning in substance. But the pressure always came back, along with the pain of knowing I've spent my whole life trying to become a conscious being, whilst drinking myself into unconsciousness. I was a living dichotomy. . Over countless years of therapy, many nights crying, feeling the pain and pleasure of my feeling coming back with nothing to mask them behind, I can safely say that I finally love myself enough to not poison my body with alcohol anymore. . . Someone asked me the other day if I was proud of what I achieved going a year without drinking. I smiled and said "I'm not proud, I'm just grateful that I finally love myself enough to treat myself well." 💖 May this be the message for anyone reading this today: Find a way to love yourself so much that treating yourself poorly becomes a thing of the past, an unfathomable notion and a distant memory. 💌💌💌 sammy-pie. X Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
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Audition time, Yay!! ❤️❤️❤️ . CHARACTER brief: 🎞📽 . "Badass office bitch with a saucy secret to hide, let's just say you wouldn't wanna mess with her. If looks could kill, you'd be dead" 💯💯💯😂 . Best brief this year! I wanna be this character! Sooo bad!! Between me, my agent and my atrocious pout ... I think we nailed it! 💯 So excited! . 🎞🎞🙏🏼💥🎞🎞 DISCLAIMER* This (hopefully) will be the last time I pout in a picture! Also hopefully the last time I post a selfie. All in the name of art right?! 😂 . #incharacter #actress #nailedit #bringbacksammyssmile
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I'm posting this as a reminder to: 1) Make friends with cardio again 2) Find a boxing coach in Sydney. 3)Remember how awesome, empowered, strong and a little bit sexy boxing makes me feel. 🙊 4) Get my ass back to @tigermuaythai Asap! . . . 🐯 💪🏼👊🏽 Thanks to @sam_bastin for patiently attempting to make me a little less shit on that pads :) ❤️🙏🏼 I'll be back sooner than you know! 💥🌎 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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Whilst I'm addicted to fitness and burpees.. the screen will always have my heart. ❤️ . Acting is one of the most beautiful, honest and incredible crafts I have ever witnessed and been a part of. Celebrity, fame and media however, have ruined the integrity of this craft. At its heart, acting is humanitarian work. It reminds people of our connection, our unity our likeness. Where as 'celebrity' convinces people that others have more, others are worth more, and we should aim for notoriety if we are to be of value. This gross mistake breeds segregation and insecurity and has turned art into business. It has mislead people to prioritise feeding the ego over nourishing our soul. . Now exposure has its benefits ( I personally am grateful when I get it) but it has immense limits and is wasted if you do not use it to serve your fellow humans. . Being on screen and acting, for me is the most pure and therapeutic thing I could be a part of. It allows me to connect and empathise for a person or character I may not normally agree with. It allows me to see from anothers perspective. It allows me to tap into parts of my personality which I may not always be comfortable accessing and it allows me the greatest gift of all... True, inhibited expression. . . Now acting isn't everyone's passion, but everyone has a passion or a love or an ignition, and your soul wants you to chase it with gusto. So do it: Do the thing that makes your soul sing. The thing That makes you light up, the thing that makes you want to give instead of take. 🙏🏼 . Don't worry about creating a life that the world will remember you for, concern yourself instead with how you will create an impact the world will thank you for. . . @bianca.martini.stylist thanks for styling me, it's been a pleasure creating and expressing with you! So glad you've found your passion. Xx National Art School
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.If at first you don't succeed laugh that shit off and play again. 😁😋❤️️ . Took a book to read at the beach yesterday. Zero pages were completed, but between the fence and the rocks, I had more important things to play with! #staychildlike . Milk Beach
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When you ask your mate to take a picture and you look back and realise he didn't think it was necessary to have ones head in frame! 🙄 #whenallyourmatesaredudes Cheers legend, photography skills on point 😂😂 @derynk1 . #nofilter #saynotophotoshop Milk Beach
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. Today I went to find a beach. Got distracted by a fence. #simplepleasures #playeveryday #funwithfences Milk Beach
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Here's Sammy being proud as punch in her #australianninjawarrior hat!! 🎩 Hurry up and air already so I can watch myself on telly! 💁🏼 . It's no secret that performing on-screen and training hard are two of my favourite things to do ! How amazing that I got to do both of these in one epic Aussie show! #actress #athlete #littleninja #australia @channel9 @ninjawarriorau 📸@Bianca.martini.stylist
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. It doesn't matter how pretty you are on the outside if you are content on being ugly on the inside. Absolutely, take care of the outside if that makes you feel good, but remember true change always comes from the inside for that's where the real goodness lies and greatness resides. 📸 @bianca.martini.stylist Thanks for helping me feel like a girl again! Sydney, Australia
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. 1) nature 2) friendships with good people 3) exercise. These things help me connect to my happy place. Without any of of them, it can be very hard for me to find it. Some times all it takes is 18seconds with all three and a little joy can sneak in. 😋❤️️🙏🏼 . I have felt drained lately and I realised I spend more time on my phone than I do looking people in the eyes, smiling at strangers and receiving that true physical connection with humans around me, which we all so desperately need if we are to be vital. . I know social media and our phones are important, and it's given me an opportunity to spread a little bit of creativity to people who otherwise wouldn't have connected with me. ...But holy fark I can't tell you how amazing it feels to turn your phone off for a few hours and just be truly present with your day and the people around you! Here's to creating new boundaries and habits around online time and realtime, time! . . @modernday_vegan I thought it was fitting you were in this video as you were my motivator to stop being on the phone so much since you pointed it out in our handstand session. Xx💋 Bondi Beach
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My favourite things about this video. In order: 1) da boys! ❤️❤️ @tom_merriman_ @joeydalisay .. may they always make work a happy place to come to... cheeky fuckers. 2) I yelped. Like a puppy- a chihuahua to be exact. 3) I can FINALLY lache again!!!!!... what shoulder injury? Fitness Playground Newtown
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Shenanigans. North Beach
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With zero skill and a whole lotta heart, I made it! ❤️ 9 degrees
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#tbt While they punched... I crunched 👊🏻 Someone take me back @tigermuaythai
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Ever since I was a kid that all I wanted to do was 'change the world' 🌎 . I wanted to do big things, incredible things, things that would change the course of history. Things that would leave the world a better place than when I entered. 🌎 The thought of not completing that heavy task often (very often) left me in a state of acute anxiety and immense fear of failure. 📉 . Now I have come to see that all we ever really have is the small things. The little moments, the tiny choices, the things we have right infront of us. THIS is where we make the greatest impact. HERE is where we change OUR world and the world of those around us. . . The magnitude of my impact may be out of my control, but my intentions are not. So to them I shall stay true. . 1)Be kind. 2)Serve often. 3)Stay pure 4)Practise honesty. 5)Offer compassion 6)Give love Fitness Playground Newtown
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I don't always do chest press... but when I do. I do core. 😂😂 . Seriously though, why do one when you can do both? #multitasking. P.S 16kg =35.2pounds . Tag someone who could do with this time efficiency hack. They'll thank you for it. You're welcome. 😄 Fitness Playground Newtown
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.Probably did a thousand reps. 😂 Nomad Bouldering Gym
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.This is one of my favourite poses in yoga. ❤️🙏🏼 . Opening the hips (our centre of vulnerability) and bowing our heart to the earth in humility and gratitude, this pose literally says " I am open to you Mother Earth, and I surrender to you" . What could be more magical, more restful, than literally offering our body to the earth to be supported. Oh yoga, I dig you. Immensely 🙏🏼❤️️🌎 Fitness Playground Marrickville
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. Comparison is the thief of joy. . . I'll just leave this here. 🎤💥
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