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We’re a volunteer & foster based rescue. We save abused, neglected, & dogs from kill shelters, provide vetting & loving homes. Managed by @joeserpico

Oliver is still available! When we first brought him into rescue, he weighed a mere 4lbs.. He is now almost 30lbs! Oliver is extremely cuddly and loves all people of all sizes and ages. He loves to play with kids, and he loves his cuddles with adults. He is good with other dogs. He is 4-5 months old, and the best little guy ever! Will his forever home be with you?! Apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #OliverRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Update On Tinsley! We are thrilled to report that Tinsley has made a miraculous recovery and is doing quite well now. Her skin is healing slowly but much improved. The dirt and filth from her past has been literally washed away. Those days of abuse and neglect are behind her thanks to our commitment to rescue Tinsley and provide her with top notch medical care that she so deserved Next stop for Tinsley is NY and finding her a forever home! Tinsley is kid Cat Dog Friendly and 1.5 years old Apply here to foster or adopt today: If you want to help Tinsley and cannot provide her with a home then please donate towards her medical care.. Please donate today: Donate via PayPal to or visit #rescuedogsrocknyc #TinsleyRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Update On Jeremy! Jeremy is doing much better since we rescued him 2 weeks ago. He's hydrated now, eating, and his skin is healing nicely! Sadly, he has no hair yet, but he will get there. Jeremy is only is 12lbs and 4 months old. The vet says he's a loving pup, sweet and gentle! We anticipate Jeremy to be in NY next week. Please donate today: Donate via PayPal to or visit Or, apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #JeremyRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Update on Ralph! Ralph had jaw surgery today - his jaw was broken in several places, almost shattered beyond repair Ralph needed a plate on each side in the back of the jaw to keep it in place. Overall, considering the extent of damage Ralph sustained to the jaw, the surgery was a success! For the next 2 months, Ralph will need to wear a muzzle to keep the jaw in place with little movement. Ralph also suffers from a severe corneal laceration which is being treated with eye drops every 2 hours. We are hoping and praying his eye will not need to be removed. Ralph will remain at the Specialty Hospital to recover from his jaw surgery over the weekend. Ralph's surgery and hospital stay is well over $5000 at this point We need your financial support more than ever!! Any amount helps and your donation is tax deductible. Please donate today: Donate via PayPal to or visit #rescuedogsrocknyc #RalphRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Cuddles is checking in! This 3 year old beauty will be ready in the next week or so to make the trip north and we would love to have a forever home waiting for her! She is feeling better and doing well, good with people and other dogs but will need time, patience and a little bit of consistency at feeding times... she doesn't like to have her food touched. Cuddles is making progress with this at our veterinarian partners and we expect she will get better still! She needs a home.. will it be with you?! Apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #CuddlesRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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At 16lbs and 4 months old, little Sadie surely has not had the best life prior to joining us at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She was emaciated and covered in fleas, but that life is behind her now! Sadie has been with foster and this is what her foster mom says: "Sweet affectionate gentle girl. House trained, crate trained, loves ALL people and all dogs, big and small. ... Knows sit, down, go out. Quite the social butterfly. She loves to be cuddled. ​Sadie is up to date on shots (age appropriate) and is great with all. Apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #SadieRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Ethan Update: Our boy continues to improve at our GA vet partner.. what a cutie!! Even at the scary shelter, he liked to sleep under the covers! How cute is he?! Ethan is about 9 years young and 7lbs. He's suffering from flea dermatitis & eye infections. He's now safe at our GA vet & will be looking for a new home soon! Donate today: Donate via PayPal to or visit #rescuedogsrocknyc #EthanRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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This adorable little guy is Hoagie, he's 6 weeks old, wrinkly and precious!! His fur is so soft.. he just wants a home! He's adoptable now and will be ready to go home at the end of May! Apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #HoagieRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Stunning Joey is searching for his forever home.. his brother Johnny is already adopted and now it's Joey's turn! Joey is a golden mix and only 1 years old. He is thin right now and needs to gain about 25 lbs. Joey would do best in a home with a backyard where he can run and play and burn off some of his energy! He loves to hug you and be close, his tail never stops as he's so friendly and affectionate! He loves other dogs and ignores cats. Apply to adopt this gorgeous boy today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #JoeyRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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RUPERT UPDATE: Rupert arrived Sat & remains at our NYC ER specialty hospital. He remains anemic with low protein in his blood. Despite being on IV & eating for the past week since rescue he has only gone from 23lbs to 24.5lbs. His medical team is hoping it is just because his emaciation was so severe. He will see an internal medicine specialist this morning & undergo an abdominal ultrasound. As you can see, he was able to stand for a few seconds yesterday! His medical bills are currently at about $4000!!!! > It wouldn't be a typical day without at least 1 more 911!!! This is 23 pound Rupert & his story will make you sad and angry! Rupert ended up at BARCS in Baltimore as a healthy & happy 6 month old puppy. He weighed 33 pounds! And he though he was 1 of the lucky ones.. Rupert was adopted!! Sadly, from there things took a very wrong turn. Rupert was returned to BARCS a few days ago as a skeleton approximately 6 months after his adoption weighing only 23 pounds (10 lbs less than he was a 6 mos old!) how did this happen??!! He could not stand or walk when he arrived & Rupert was very near death! The adopter said he would eat & just not gain weight. hmm doubtful! He was rushed to the shelters ER vet a few days ago & he remained there until today because he was not stable!!! Earlier today, Rupert was transferred to our MD ER vet. He's not even strong enough to lift his head!!! This is beyond upsetting but we are happy to report there is an investigation!! Now let's hope something comes of it! Rupert has a long road ahead of him & he is not out of the woods. What we are asking for is your help! We are in desperate need of donations for Rupert's emergency care!!! Will you fight with us, stand with us against abuse?? We hope so! We need you & so does Rupert! Donate today: Donate via PayPal to or visit #rescuedogsrocknyc #RupertRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Ramona was abandoned at a high kill shelter with none of her litter mates. We assume this was due to her infected tail, her mange, and that she was weak and dehydrated and needed immediate medical care. We immediately pulled her to safety and she is now being treated at our vet partner At first, we thought she was not going to make it due to her severe dehydration and she was so weak and lethargic. But thankfully, with medical intervention, she bounced back quite nicely! She remains at our vet partner for continued care. Ramona is a border collie mix and 11wks old.. she needs us! Will you help us help her?! Donate today: Donate via PayPal to or visit #rescuedogsrocknyc #RamonaRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Norvin is our petite 4lb Chi mix and 8 years young. He just came from Texas where he almost lost his life at a high kill shelter. He's quiet, sweet, and best of all, you can take him everywhere!! He just wants a home of his own... we can't imagine how someone could pass on this little guy! Apply to adopt Norvin today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #NorvinRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Here is Morgan, now and before (inset photo)!! Morgan is a 2 year old, affectionate and happy girl. She raised her pups, and it's her turn to find her forever home! She is great with people of all sizes/ages, gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home, and LOVES squeaky toys. Her foster mom says that if she hears a squeaky toy, she will rush to it, pick it up oh so carefully, and carry it gingerly around the home. Now she just needs to find her "furever"... Apply to adopt Morgan today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #MorganRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Sweet Alfie is here!! This tiny 4 year old boy is a 8lb Terrier and GREAT with all dogs, cats, and kids. Alfie was just neutered and is up to date on shots and ready to go!!! He just needs to find his forever... will it be with you? Apply to adopt Alfie today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #AlfieRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Sadie (right) and Cookie (left) have joined their northern foster and are happy to be here! Both are very sweet girls, beautiful, intelligent, playful! Cookie and Sadie are 3-4 months old, UTD on shots, spayed, and great with people and other dogs!! AND... their foster mom reports that Sadie SMILES! Each of these girls need a home of their own... Apply to adopt Sadie or Cookie today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #SadieRDRNYC #CookieRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Sweet Jerry has arrived and is safely in his foster home in the Big Apple! He's loving his new life and ready for his forever home! Jerry is a 15 lb terrier mix and 2 years old. He can live in the city or country. This sweet boy loves kids, cats, and dogs!! Apply to adopt Jerry today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #JerryRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Check out Pete! This lovable boy is 2 years old, 35 pounds and the perfect pup! He is great with people and other dogs... his favorite activity? Chasing squirrels!! Pete is up to date on shots and neutered.. might we add, he is absolutely stunning!! Apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #PeteRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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TOMORROW is Adoptapalooza! Come to our booth to meet Rose, Luke, Remi, Frank, Brownie, & Pete that are available for adoption. No better time than summer time to bring a deserving dog home! Meet our volunteers, @joeserpico, dogs, learn more about us and ways to help, or simply stop by to say hello and make a donation to receive limited edition RDRNYC merchandise! Located in beautiful Union Square, NYC. TOMORROW 12-5pm. It will be gorgeous weather so come on down! Little New Yorkers are ready to come home with you!❤️ #Adoptapalooza #rescuedogsrocknyc #adoptdontshop #newyorkcity
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Cole says "Happy Saturday"! My goodness.. now that Cole is in NYC, we have decided that Cole is definitely a "Chiweenie"!! Foster Mom says he's as sweet as he looks. Cole is about 10 months old and looking for his forever home... will it be with you?! Apply to adopt Cole today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #ColeRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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Out little man Joey did amazing at the vet today! For those that don't remember, Joey's jaw was broken when he was only 2 weeks old! We were informed that his mother had somehow broken his jaw and he was in a lot of pain. The surgery so far has been a success and today Joey is 9 weeks old and is getting ready to get the wire removed in the next few days that has been holding his jaw while it heals! Throughout all of this Joey remains the sweetest little puppy. He wants to be cuddled and watch your every move with those big loving eyes. All he wants is to be loved. Joey is a lab husky mix, great with other dogs, cats and kids. He is ready to find his forever home... will you give him a chance? Apply to adopt today: #rescuedogsrocknyc #JoeyRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #RDRNYC
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