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Boss the Lab x Am Bulldog and Indy the exempt Pit Bull type living in the UK 🇬🇧
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3334 | 97 | 1 day ago
This is the type of video mainstream media would use to convince people that Pit Bulls are dangerous. If you ignore the sounds Indy making and just look at both dogs body language you can easily tell they're playing. Especially since they are my dogs I know Boss would rather run from a fight and Indy won't back down from a fight (takes after her dad lmao) knowing that and observing their body language if Indy was being aggressive Boss would run away and if Indy was in fight mode she wouldn't be showing her rear or side to Boss she would go head on. Never let anyone tell you they know your own dogs better than you do Sorry for all the play fighting videos let me know what you wanna seen next in the comments ☟ I also got contacted by a very large company earlier that wants to make a video about Indy so be on the lookout for that on your Facebook and Instagram feeds in the next days-weeks! I'll try and share it with you as soon as it's posted
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2865 | 94 | 3 days ago
The other day someone commented saying that the way they play is dangerous, not cute, they aren't having fun and it will only cause trouble in the future because Boss will try and become alpha over Indy with the hashtag #knowyourbreed then on their personal account they were ranting about preventing dog fights with the same hashtag moments after leaving that comment. I wasn't even mad i was just so confused and dumbfounded at their stupidity that I blocked them 😂
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2756 | 69 | 3 days ago
I know a lot of people use those things that attach to your bike and you then attach the dog lead to but because where i live we have quite narrow paths sometimes i need to be able to put both dogs on either side of me but if i have a choice i'll have one dog on one side and one on the other side. I've never had an issue with them pulling towards another dog or a cat or anything like that
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2707 | 29 | 3 days ago
White face was my favourite mouse from the last litters and now she's produced my favourite mouse from these litters 😍 if i remember correctly the baby is a dude but i cant think of any names 😭 (Accidentally uploaded this on the dog account but gonna keep it up lol go follow my mouse account @piggysmousehouse)
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1675 | 16 | 5 days ago
Boss got told off and he wasnt happy about it
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3270 | 47 | 1 week ago
Two dogs and a bike on a train at the same time is a bit of a handful, luckily they are well behaved! Sorry for the lack of posts I will try and get back into regular posting I had some new guy working at the train station trying to tell me I needed to buy a ticket for my second dog at which point sass master Matt came out and put him in his place and told him what the actual rules are. I'm in a rush and don't have time for your noobiness
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3171 | 41 | 1 week ago
Sometimes i wonder if Boss' previous family have seen him around on social media, I bet they regret giving him up. I did change his name but surely they would've recognised him. gave him up because he was too boisterous 😂 if i didnt also have India I literally wouldn't notice he was here 99% of the time, he is only boisterous with Indy. And the fact they took him to the shelter with a muzzle as if he was aggressive is beyond me. This dog runs away from westies for crying out loud
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4056 | 86 | 3 weeks ago
I put some funky gay club music over a video of the doggos playing
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2733 | 27 | 3 weeks ago
The reason he is whining is a mixture of being uncomfortable and hot due to running around and wanting to go back outside, Boss is very vocal anyway so he whines about everything. It's important you allow the dog to learn how to cool himself down without the assistance of cold water or air conditioning (Except when danger of heat stroke is present) otherwise they will always be dependent on those 2 things to relax after exercise which isn't always possible, for example if you went on a hike in a hot place with only enough water to drink. This is similar to if I went on a run and when I got home I complain about how tired I am. A few minutes later and Boss isn't panting anymore
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3216 | 32 | 3 weeks ago
If you have two dogs you can learn a lot about 1 dog by how they interact with the other. For example I know this is Boss' play growl because he does the same with Indy and if Boss was being nasty Indy would put him in his place. There isnt much sound difference between an actual growl and a play growl, you mostly tell by the eyes and head position
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2937 | 29 | 3 weeks ago
A year ago today I took this picture 😍 it came up as a timehop on my facebook
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4359 | 69 | 3 weeks ago
I caught her red eared
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2625 | 35 | 3 weeks ago
I'm gonna have to turn my door handles upside down because when im out Indy keeps escaping from my bedroom (i seperate them when im out) and helping Boss get in the bins to eat all the trash so I just come home to a shithole 😭 also Boss has broken 2 laptops now, he sat on the 2nd one today. I have another one but I need to buy a charger for it, anyone want to make bets on how quick he breaks that one?
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3834 | 25 | 3 weeks ago
If anyone in the UK wants to get some mice I will have 20+ babies available in 4 weeks. Check out @piggysmousehouse
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3707 | 16 | 3 weeks ago
Very lucky to have a rescue dog that isnt sensitive to touch, having said that I suspect if a stranger were to do this you would lose a finger @the_saveabulls
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2883 | 36 | 3 weeks ago
Caption this!!!
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4688 | 80 | 3 weeks ago
Das a big ol meat heat
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3329 | 43 | 3 weeks ago
Thats why she's a pig she just wants to eat ALL THE TIME
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2991 | 33 | 3 weeks ago
Such an easy dog to photograph she just does whatever you want bless her
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4175 | 50 | 3 weeks ago
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